Monday, April 12, 2010

"The Sound" appears on Alternative radio!; KFMA Day photos

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Good news! Switchfoot's new single, "The Sound," is starting to get plays on several alternative rock stations across the U.S. Here's where it's appeared so far:


^Stay tuned. We have big plans for release week, which comes on Monday, April 26, 2010, so be ready to promote the next single!


In that vein, be sure to fill out your votes for Switchfoot on Jesusfreakhideout's Reader's Choice awards. Voting ends May 8, so get your votes in!

Here are the categories to vote on:

- Switchfoot's "Hello Hurricane" and Fiction Family's "Fiction Family" are up for Rock/Alternative Album of the Year. (choose Switchfoot! hehe)

- Fiction Family is also up for New Artist of the Year, so definitely vote for them there!

- Jon Foreman is up for Male Vocalist of the Year

- "Hello Hurricane" is up for Overall Album of the Year

- Switchfoot is up for Artist of the Year

- Write-in "Mess of Me" - Switchfoot as song of the year

- Write-in Switchfoot - "Hello Hurricane" as Best Album Cover Art of 2009

^Let's make our presence felt, Footsoldiers! Vote!

Also, we need all of you UK friends to start requesting the song on the station. Here's the link to do that! Let's spread the Hurricane all over the world!


Here are some photo samples and sets from Sunday's KFMA day in Tucson. You may recognize that KFMA is one of the early supporters of "The Sound." I'd say that's one awesome radio station, huh?

Kyle Dehn Flickr Photostream


Arizona Daily Wildcat Flickr Photostream

^Sweet shots, huh?

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