Monday, April 5, 2010

POLL: What's your favorite Switchfoot cover?



We have a new poll in the sidebar! In the wake of the new Switchfoot cover of "Sabotage" by the Beastie Boys, we want to ask you:

"What is your favorite Switchfoot cover?"

Please note that exclusively Jon Foreman and Fiction Family covers are not included.

There are quite a few choices, but I'd have to say "Sabotage" is my favorite. What is yours? Vote in the sidebar! Comment below and weigh in on your thoughts! If your choice doesn't show up, let us know as well.


switchkosterice said...

How could you forget Rebellion (Lies)?! Arcade Fire?! Interrobang?!

Well, it was between that and Sabotage. Sabotage gets BA points. Also, Star Trek. Enough said.

Cell'o'ist said...

God Only Knows
Your Cheating Heart


Tim Rhodes said...

I'm with the first commenter. Rebellion (Lies) is my favorite.

Job said...

Gah, i forgot all of these. my bad friends. :P

Dot said...

Haha Job, it took me a while to figure out what "my bad friends" meant. Learn how to use punctuation. :P

Anonymous said...

I'm kinda partial to their "Lucky Man" cover, but it's not that well known, so I forgive you for not putting it on the poll, Job. :)


Job said...

Ok, i've updated the poll. My bad, again friends. (There, dot! I used punctuation! :P)