Monday, April 5, 2010

Switchfoot plays Final Four party; weigh in on Kris Allen;

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Hey friends, sorry for the lack of update in awhile. Been relaxing a lot, due to Spring Break and a relatively busy Easter Weekend. Anyways, as many of you know, Switchfoot recently played the Final Four NCAA Tournament tent party, and there is a new Daily Foot for that as well as several other shows the band has played. Check them out here.

Here are a couple of videos of Switchfoot playing during the Final Four party

Meant to Live

Dare You to Move


A recent news story about last year's American Idol winner Kris Allen, has Switchfoot weighing in on the singer's talents:

Foreman added, "He's got his own voice, and he's trying to find what he's saying, you know he's a really young guy, and kinda has this whole scene thrust upon him, so that's kinda what we wrote about, it's a song called 'Lifetime'.

Kris seems like a really sweet guy, you know.  It's always an honor when somebody from a different place in life wants to write a song with you."

Shirley agreed with Foreman saying, "I mean a great voice, a great performer, and to just come out of the gates having never performed, as far as like professionally, in front of that many people, to come out and do what he did was just amazing."

In fact Shirley said he wouldn't mind seeing Allen on tour with Switchfoot, "Yeah, I'm pulling for him man, I hope we can catch up with him on the road sometime, you know, I'm pulling for him."

^Let's hope Switchfoot can do just as well as Kris Allen is doing right now. These are two truly genuine acts.


"The Sound" impacts three weeks from now. Get ready to support the single!

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