Monday, July 5, 2010

BREAKING: Video of Jon Foreman playing "She Says (The Black Eyed Blues)" for the first time (Video and Download)

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Remember when Jon Foreman tweeted: Thanks for the aftershow, y'all! Played new tunes- "against the voices" "vice verses" and "she says(the black eyed blues)" back on June 30? We finally have a video of the performance!

If not, I've uploaded on mp3 recording of it! Thanks to our friend Eryin!



Elraen said...

It's up on YouTube now too:

Thanks so much for alerting us! I'd been watching for a video of this for days now. :-)

Eryin said...

Glad to help man! It was a sick after show, I ran like half a mile back to the stage once i got his text.

pam b said...

I will never understand why there is background noise in SF videos. It seems everything and everyone would be still and listen to what Jon's singing. :)

Thanks for the video!!! Wanna listen to the lyrics more carefully later but from what I hear this is an another awesome song. Do you think this is brand-new or from the Vice Verses CD?

Job said...

I think it'll be on Vice Verses. But we'll see. :)