Thursday, July 1, 2010

Jon Foreman plays new tune: "She Says (The Black Eyed Blues)" [Recording please!]

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According to his Twitter feed, Jon Foreman played an aftershow last night and played some new tunes:

- Thanks for the aftershow, y'all! Played new tunes- "against the voices" "vice verses" and "she says(the black eyed blues)"

^Anyone have any recordings? It'd be really great if anyone of you recorded it and posted it to Youtube or emailed it to us ! Thanks!

----- has a new page dedicated solely to "The Sound" and John M. Perkins. Here's what it looks like:

Check out the rest of the page HERE.


Air1 posted Jon and Tim Foreman's performance of "The Sound" in their studio. Check it out:

^They really did a great job with this one.


Video from Cornerstone:

"The Sound"


Footsoldiers HQ has a new daily mission posted. Head over now to check it out, but I've posted it here too. We need all the help we can get, friends!

Hey friends. I thought we should start a radio poll thread in which we all share voting links for the two current Switchfoot radio singles: “The Sound” and “Your Love Is a Song.”

Currently, we have the following:

“The Sound”

+FM 1021 in Milwaukee

1. Sign up for an account on Be sure to indicate that your favorite music style is “Alternative”
2. There will be a list of songs that you flip through and rate on three scales: how familiar you are with the song, how much you like it, and whether or not you’re tired of hearing it on the radio. Once you reach “The Sound,” be sure to say you are familiar with the song, love it, and are not tired of hearing it on the radio

+Sirius Alt Nation

“Your Love Is a Song”

+Alternative Addiction (bonus: fill-in vote for The Sound)

If we all fill these polls out every day, we can do some damage.

So if anyone finds any other polls (online or otherwise) for us to vote on or call in and request, let us know, and we’ll add it to the list. Let’s do this, Footsoldiers!

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