Tuesday, July 13, 2010

New-look Switchfoot message boards; "She Says" will be on Vice Verses

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First of all, for those of you who are regulars of the Official Switchfoot Message Boards, take a glance at the new look!

Gotta love the "Hurricane" look! If you haven't joined this illustrious community, be sure to head over and sign up to talk about everything Switchfoot!


Also from these boards, our friend gravyty has this to say about the new song, "She Says (The Black-Eyed Blues)":

I was there at the aftershow when Jon played this and he said then that it would be on Vice Verses. Furthermore he had this binder labeled "Vice Verses" with a picture of a zebra on it (no clue why) and he was using it as a cheat sheet when he sang She Says.

So it's official. "She Says" will be on "Vice Verses." Interesting to note the direction we're seeing this album taking so far, with "Against the Voices," "She Says," and of course, "Vice Verses" being all mid-tempo, slower, contemplative types of songs. There is, of course, "Dark Horses" which has a more rock direction. We shall have to see.


Check out the latest Daily Foot Entry featuring Andy Barron's photos of the Bro-Am. Here's a sample:

Check out more photos here.


Ever wanted to introduce Switchfoot at a concert? How about the Goo Goo Dolls? Well, Radio Alice in San Francisco is giving you that chance! Details here!



"Your Love Is a Song" moved up to No. 7 on Alternative Addiction, up from No. 10 last week!

Head over to vote now!

Be sure to also head over to Footsoldiers HQ for more on how to help out Switchfoot's singles on the radio! "The Sound" is starting to pick up again and is poised to crack into the Top 20 of Alternative this week!

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