Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Lots to catch up on: Paper Route drops out of the Fall Tour; LOBH Interviews Ruddy Gracia (Bidfire winner); "Always" remix news

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Hello friends. Sorry I've been a bit absent lately... let's just say Summer has finally arrived for me, and catching up with friends and family, editing photos from those outings, all while working occasional odd jobs has left little time to update this blog. But don't worry, I'm not going anywhere... hope you guys missed me, but I'm back!

After all that is said, most of today's update is supplied by our tireless friends over at LOBH, particularly Jeanna.


First big item of the day is the report that Paper Route have backed out of the Fall 2010 leg of the "Hello Hurricane" tour. Here's what Gavin from the band told our friends at LOBH.

Gavin: "The paper route switchfoot thing wasssss for reals. We weren't able to do it because of recording. Buuuuuut I really think we'll tour with them again one day. We're really bummed we cant tour with those guys right now. but we HAVE to finish our album so we can tour nonstop again and see all of you!"
(Here I express my utter devastation at this news - anyone who knows me knows I am a HUGE Paper Route fan)
Gavin: "Jeanna, I KNOW I KNOW! We're more bummed than anyone! It's basically tour over the fall and push our record release back or get it done asap so we can tour all next year... tough decision for sure."
(I express further regrets, and share how Switchfoot has been playing Paper Route tunes through the speakers before their set.)
Gavin: "Jeanna, that's awesome, really wish we were playing with them"

^The LOBH staffers are HUGE supporters of Paper Route, so today is indeed a day of mourning for them. Either way, it's tough news for all parties involved, as Switchfoot will possibly be touring on a successful single ("The Sound") by the fall and would have provided great exposure Paper Route and fellow supporting band The Almost to new and large audiences.

No news on whether or not The Almost are still in or not.


Next, LOBH interviewed the winner of the Bidfire auction. His name is Ruddy Gracia, and he seems to be a cool dude. Check out their interview here.


Land of Broken Hearts (LOBH): Ruddy thanks so much for taking the time to chat with us. Let's start at the beginning... how long have you been a Switchfoot fan?
Ruddy Gracia: Awesome. Well I'm 18 now so when "The Legend of Chin" was released, I was like 5 yrs old... but my dad got that cd a year or two after and since then, I loved listening to Switchfoot! So I guess 10 yrs!

LOBH: Wow so you're a long time fan! How did you hear about the contest? Were you bidding all day like a lot of the fans, or did you just get lucky?
Ruddy: Well, I'm subscribed to the newsletter... and when I got the email something inside me thought that I could actually win! It's funny because I wasn't even the one bidding for me. I was on my senior class/birthday trip in NY, New Jersey, and Washington. I turned 18 three days after the bidding started so my awesome friends spent hours and hours bidding for me as my birthday present!


As you guys know, we broke the news to Switchfoot fans that there was going to be an "Always" remix and also first posted the remix preview. Max Vangeli's management has recently reached out to LOBH. Here's what they got:

Here's a bit of the background story on the remix, that Max's management shared with me! Consider it a "bonus" interview.

LOBH: I wondering how this track was brought to Max's attention? Did a
label ask him to remix it? The band? How did he learn about it?
Over the course of 2 months or so Atlantic Records brought/sent Max five tracks or so in different genres for potential remixing. While they were all cool songs, Max didn't feel that any were the right remix projects for him. Finally, Switchfoot - Always came along and he absolutely loved the vocals in the song. From what our contact at Atlantic told me, Switchfoot was excited about having one of their tracks remixed by a house music producer. After Max was done a few months later, we sent in the track for the band and label's approval. Both loved it and here we are! People in our genre dig the remix. Max turns down about 95% of remix requests because he prefers to produce original tracks, but he just couldn't say no to "Always" because he was in love with the vocals.

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