Friday, July 9, 2010

"The Sound" on Fuse TV's Video of the Day; More Bro-Am news

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"The Sound" music video was featured as FUSE TV's Video of the day yesterday! This probably means that the tv station has added "The Sound" to it's rotation; last time this happened, it came a day after "Mess of Me" was added!

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This is great news. The "Mess of Me" video was added in February of this year, almost four months after the single was first released to radio. This time around, we've got the video hitting FUSE just a little over two months into the chart run! Hopefully this will generate much more momentum, as "Mess of Me" was already on its way out when the video hit TV - a case of bad timing last time.

Looks like FUSE TV's gotten rid of the fan voting though. We'll keep you posted if it ever comes back.


Check it out: "The Sound" is No. 2 on's Alternative survey!

^that's all thanks to the hard work of the Footsoldiers! Join the effort!


The Huffington Post had some nice things to say about the Bro-Am and Jon Foreman:

Switchfoot lead singer Jon Foreman has been a popular presence on HuffPost Impact in previous months. His blog posts on the songwriting process and how he aspires for his music to create positive change have surged on Switchfoot sites and message boards.

Causecast was lucky enough to catch up with Foreman at "Bro-Am," an aptly named music festival on a San Diego beach that raised money for StandUp For Kids (SU4K), a previously featured nonprofit that provides services to homeless youth. The event raised over $210,000 for SU4K's programs.


Speaking of Bro-Am, check out SurferMag's photo gallery.

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