Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Even more new Jon Foreman/Switchfoot songs! "All God's Children" and "Come Home"

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Jon Foreman played an aftershow last night in New Jersey. And, thanks to this Youtuber, we have video recordings of them.

"All of God's Children"

"Come Home"

And an older new song:

"She Says (The Black Eyed Blues)"

^New tunes at aftershows means that the creativity is starting to flow again. Hopefully these are signs of even better things to come. Personally, I think these songs are solid but are missing something... whether it's the full-band arrangement, or just a little of that intangible, familiar Switchfoot spark. Perhaps a few more listens will do the trick, or we can chock it up to the stripped down nature of the acoustic aftershow.

Either way, solid solid songs Jon.

EDIT: Giving these songs deeper listens are making me appreciate them more. "Come Home" definitely has potential to have that classic soaring Switchfoot feel. Well done!


Now, for the rock. Switchfoot played a show earlier that night, and our friend Josh sent us the setlist:

Dare You to Move
Mess of Me
Wont Back Down
This Is Your Life
Your Love Is A Song
The Sound
Meant to Live

He also tells us the hilarious story of Chad Butler heroically saving the day after both his plane and his train got delayed:

Ya funny story. If u saw the guys tweet, chads flight was canceled, then delayed, then his train was delayed...and he wasnt there at showtime so i guess they were gonna open up acoustic then have the goo goo dolls.... sound guy play drums for a few songs. But then Chad showed up out of nowhere on the drums.

^The excellent Chad saves the day. For Switchfoot's tweets about it, follow them on Twitter.

Now, here are some videos from the show:

"Won't Back Down"

"This Is Your Life"

"Your Love Is a Song"

"Meant to Live"


Alyson-Louise Belle said...

Come Home is such a beautiful song! Do you mind if I put it on my blog?

Job said...

Not at all! Go right ahead. :)