Tuesday, October 19, 2010

BREAKING: "Bullet Soul" reported set to be the third rock single from "Hello Hurricane"

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According to Pulsemusic, "Bullet Soul" will be the next single from "Hello Hurricane."



^This is slightly unexpected, though I was hoping for it to happen. It's so good that the label/band are sticking with the alternative format and making sure the roots the band put down with "The Sound" get deepened. I'm thinking it will do alright.

What confuses me though is why "Needle and Haystack Life" is still not being planned for a single. It would work well in the alternative genre, with loads of crossover potential. I also think it's the strongest song on the record, but "Bullet Soul" is a solid choice as well.

Lastly, I still think work has to be done with "Your Love Is a Song," the current single at Hot AC. This is the best performing Adult Pop Songs single since "We Are One Tonight," and I think it has potential to do more. Here's hoping for a music video!


John Harris said...

I'm still curious as to why the industry still "releases" singles. It's a practice from the 50s when bands might only release a single for months, rather than a whole album.

Anonymous said...

I dont like this choice no matter the success it has on the alternative format. It has zero crossover appeal and will not help sell more copies of Hello Hurricane or make Switchfoot relevant again like Needle would have.

Job said...

@John, well, the industry's definition of singles nowadays is a bit different from the 50s. Singles are promo items for the album as a whole. Also, we are seeing a trend back towards the single, with iTunes and other digital media services offereing individual, single-song downloads.

@Anonymous, I would have to somewhat agree with that. Let's see what happens though.

Brandon M. Baker said...

I really hope they release a music video for it too. I talked to Jon about about it two weeks ago. You can read what he said about it on my blog if you haven't heard already, LOBH already reported on it.

Anonymous said...

It's a good song, but I agree, Needle would be better. Hrm, but... what if...

Okay, I get what's happening.

Mess Of Me, Always, The Sound, Your Love Is A Song, Bullet Soul.

Rockier song, softer song, and it repeats. So, p'raps they plan on releasing Needle after Bullet Soul?