Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Switchfoot take a bite out of Vegas; Jon Foreman tells stories with Bob Taylor

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Hello friends. Hope your weekends were fantastic! If you've been keeping up with Switchfoot's twitter, LOBH, or our own Twitter account, you'll know that Switchfoot has again been keeping busy. First off, we'll do a quick video recap of the band's show at Bite of Vegas, which took place last Saturday, hosted by Mix 94.1

Here is "Stars"

"Meant to Live"


And, a clip of Your Love Is a Song.

Also, a local college paper did a feature on the event, hailing high praise upon the San Diego boys:

Bite of Las Vegas headliner Switchfoot electrified the stage. The final act of the evening was introduced by all of the Mix 94.1 DJs, including Mark and Mercedes of the radio’s morning show, midday favorite Pomai and evening host Drea. The entire venue began to empty as attendees rushed to hear the band’s closing performance.

Flashing stage lights and glow sticks in the crowd set the stage for the popular SoCal rock band. The guitarists teased listeners with the intro to the well-known single “Meant to Live,” a song from album “The Beautiful Letdown.” Lead singer Jon Foreman opened with “Stars” then hyped up the increasingly growing crowd with “Mess of Me.” The rock-n-roll vibe featured an electric guitar solo riff. Unified clapping intensified the energetic atmosphere among music lovers.

All-time favorite “Dare You to Move” inspired a sing-along that rose to volumes exceeding the band’s own music. Switchfoot’s invigorating performance brought the perfect end to a musically gratifying day, leaving the crowd wanting more, setting the bar high for next year’s festivities.

^Well done, Switchfoot. Well done.


The next day, Jon Foreman joined Bob Taylor of Taylor Guitars for an evening of storytelling and song. Here are some videos our friends over at LOBH posted up fromt he event.

Here, Jon tells the audience about his first gig in high school.

"Moon Is a Magnet"

"Vice Verses" and the writing of:

^That song is going to sound amazing once it's recorded in the studio!

Also, Resurrect Me
Your Love Is a Song
Just Rob Me


For you video gaming fans out there, Switchfoot's music will be featured in the latest Tony Hawk release, called "Tony Hawk: SHRED."

Activision Publishing, Inc. revealed today the in-game music lineup for this month's upcoming release of Tony Hawk: SHRED - the latest entry in the best-selling action sports video game franchise. Kids will GO BIG skating and snowboarding like the pros as they SHRED on the game's innovative board controller to over 60 songs, featuring a mix of current radio sensations from A Day To Remember, Jimmy Eat World, Switchfoot, Vampire Weekend and more, to breaking artists including The Soft Pack, Sleigh Bells, Surfer Blood and Foxy Shazam among others.



And, college football fans, we've been hearing that Switchfoot songs are being played throughout ESPN telecasts of the games. Anything from "Needle" to "We Are One Tonight," be sure to keep your ears peeled!

Oh, and keep your eyes peeled too. There's a live montage type of video featuring the band performing "Bullet Soul." If anyone has a chance, get a recording and email it over to us at wereawakening@yahoo.com! That'd be awesome.

Peace out, friends!


David said...

Yes, it contains "The Sound"

Job said...

the video game?

Zoibie said...

Yeah, The Sound is in the Tony Hawk Shred, shame the game is probably quite bad :(

Anyway, thanks for the 'tube clips.