Friday, October 8, 2010

Virginia Show recaps

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Switchfoot played a couple of exciting shows in Viriginia the last few days. What's been great is that the band has been pulling out the new "Dark Horses" quite consistently; hopefully it continues to get play throughout this tour. Today's blog will just be another video update with footage from the past few shows, so hang in there and be ready to relive and experience a Switchfoot show!

We start in Richmond, where the band played "Dark Horses."

...and "Daisy." You've got to love anytime they play this song live; it's a rare treat.

On Fire
Encore: "Hello Hurricane" and "Dare You to Move"


We then move to Norfolk, VA. Switchfoot pulls out another "Nothing Is Sound" gem, the rarely-ever-played-anymore "Lonely Nation."

^Judging by this video, it looks like the band is a bit rusty with this song. It's okay guys; hope you keep playing it this tour!

Here are more videos:

We Are One Tonight (featuring fan, James Murla)

Virginia Song/Your Love Is a Song


Dark Horses


Oh, and lastly, Jon Foreman and Drew Shirley at a radio event:


Dan said...

Even though I don't care all that much about video posts, it's still nice to see you posting fairly regularly! :P

Job said...

Yeah. I just really enjoy videos from concerts. :) I don't have any exclusive content or stuff that people send me from shows like LOBH, so I do what I can.