Monday, October 4, 2010

John M. Perkins benefit show loose ends; new Fiction Family tune; Show videos

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Hope you all had a great weekend! Here are some last things to tie up from the John M. Perkins benefit show last week. First off, we finally have a full video of Switchfoot performing "The Sound."


Next, Belhaven University posted their own recap video of the event. Drew Shirley and Jerome Fontamillas are interviewed:

Christian Post did a story on the event. LINK.


Now for a quick Q&A interview with Jerome. Here, he talks a bit about "Vice Verses."

OS: The upcoming album Vice Verses contains material from your sessions for Hello Hurricane. Can listeners expect a similar album?

JF: We’re hoping to push further, creatively and musically. Whether it’s a natural progression from Hello Hurricane or not, you never know. We’re still planning how we’re going to go about recording the album. We have an abundance of songs (like 90), and John is a writing machine. So we have new songs, and you’re adding 20 or 30 into the mix. So it will be interesting.

OS: So are you guys planning on releasing that other material from the Hello Hurricane sessions?

JF: We’re hoping to. There are a lot of songs. I’m not saying all of them are good, but we just have to dwindle it down to a regular amount of songs. We are diving into the idea of a double album or something. That’s the greatest thing—that we’re able to release these songs and other people will hear them. We’re just trying to figure out a way to get these songs out there so people can hear them. A CD is one format, but there are other ways too.

OS: Can we expect to hear them live?

JF: We’re not prepared yet to play the songs that haven’t been on albums yet. I know John has been doing these “after shows” where he will go out after the show with his guitar into some corner somewhere and start playing our new songs. It’s pretty awesome, because we’re really excited about the new songs. We’re getting geared up to go record them.

For the rest of the interview, head over to


Now for some "Hello Hurricane" tour news! Switchfoot played a few shows, including one at Liberty University. We've got copious video footage from that one. First,

"The Sound"

^Watch the ending. Jon Foreman channels some "Dirty Second Hands" live action at the end there. You feelin' that?


More videos:

Oh! Gravity.
Meant to Live
On Fire
Your Love Is a Song
Dare You to Move


Also, our friend Josh sent in the setlist from the show last night in Philly's Electric Factory.


Bullet Soul
Mess of Me
This Is Your Life
The Sound
Your Love Is A Song
Company Car
Dark Horses
On Fire
Meant to Live

Hello Hurricane
Dare You to Move

"Dark Horses" Video:

^It's great to see "Dark Horses" making its way into setlists now. I'm excited to hear how that song turns out in the studio. Also, Josh tells us "Your Love Is a Song" is being played in G now in order to help preserve Jon Foreman's voice for the "Vice Verses" sessions coming up.

^Thanks bro.


Do you want in on new Fiction Family material? Well, you're in luck – that is, if there is a Ben and Jerry's ice cream shop close by. They are giving away free Bonnaroo Festival artist tracks, and Jon's other band is included.

The song is called "The Ashes of Rock and Roll (Fool's Gold)" according our friends over at LOBH.

Details from the Ben and Jerry's website:

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