Tuesday, October 12, 2010

BREAKING: Switchfoot stream new version of Bad Religion's "Sorrow"

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Head over to Switchfoot's Myspace page NOW to hear a newly recorded version of their stripped down cover of "Sorrow" by Bad Religion. This is their contribution to the Bad Religion tribute album "Germs of Perfection" set for release next Tuesday as a free download from Spin.com.

What do you all think of this tune? I think it's just as great as ever, taking a great song and adding an emotional vulnerability that is not otherwise present in the original.

For some people, this may come as a strange pairing; Switchfoot having obvious Christian roots and Bad Religion basically being the opposite, it is logical to wonder how the two acts even became associated. Look at what Bad Religion's Brett Gurewitz had to say about the song:

The devil said “Give me one example” and god said “Look at Job, he’s a righteous man.” The devil said that he could corrupt him like any man, and they made a wager. And that was god’s way of rewarding the one righteous man on the planet. That was god turning his back on the one man who was good and righteous. That’s not god, that’s religion. That’s an example of how detestable religion is. What is the lesson there?

^Not to turn this post into an apologetic debate, but where Mr. Gurewitz is wrong is that at the end of the story, God gave back to Job twice what he had before.

But anyways, thoughts?


Pandora interview Switchfoot's Jon Foreman and Drew Shirley at Austin City Limits. They talk about "The Sound," some of their guitar distortion methods, and more! Check it out; it's pretty insightful:

and "Stars"


Joe said...

I love the song. And SF's interpretation of it. However, it probably isn't the best idea, just because of how anti-God Bad Religion is (I mean, their symbol is a void cross). And when you're professing that you are the opposite..it just doesn't LOOK right. But, in the end, we all know where the guys stand, and I'm glad they covered it. (I just don't like giving the ignorant people ammunition for the "SF isn't Christian" argument).

Job said...

Well, Switchfoot has declared they don't want to be boxed into the Christian genre, so I feel like this is pretty appropriate.

It does seem a little weird overall though.

Joe said...

Yeah, well Switchfoot shouldn't be boxed in to Christian music. I was talking more about the people who criticize SF for doing "un-Christian like things", such as touring w/ certain bands and covering certain bands and such. Which makes me mad, because it has nothing to do with anything.
Their music has changed a bit, but it doesn't change who they are or what they believe, not to mention they have always been a rock band, and nothing more. So, stuff like this should NOT be an issue.
I just don't like the fact that more people have opportunity to say things that make no sense cause of this cover.
Sorry for the rant. I just have had way too many arguments over this issue :)

Mike said...

hello hurricane is back in the billboard top 200 coming in at 159 looks like your love is a song is making sales for hh. the sound also came in at number 7 on billboard http://www.billboard.com/#/album/switchfoot/hello-hurricane/1294132

Job said...

@Mike thanks for that! it's awesome!