Saturday, January 1, 2011

ESPN airs "Bullet Soul" during the Fiesta Bowl

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HAPPY NEW YEAR friends! Have you taken the time to peruse our "Year-In-Review" post? We recap some of the highlights of a great 2010, and also look forward to what could possibly transpire in 2011. I'd say it's a fairly compelling read, so head over and read it here now!


Football fans have been getting a healthy dosage of Switchfoot during ESPN broadcasts throughout the past year, and on the first of 2011, things appear to be no different.

We've been reading and seeing tweets about "Bullet Soul" getting aired during tonight's broadcast of the Fiesta Bowl. We've retweeted a few from our Twitter account:

Does anyone have footage? A recording? We would love to hear from you. Email us at

This is a sweet way to kick off the year.


David said...

Hey, if you've seen recently, Switchfoot for the new year have now officially got 1 Million+ fans!!! WOOOOOOHH :D

Job said...

Yupp! great stuff!