Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Switchfoot all over the TV; Live recordings rumors?; "Bullet Soul" debuts on Billboard

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Switchfoot took over sports television in a big way last night during the Tostitos BCS National Championship Game. ESPN has been pushing Switchfoot hard in all of the NCAA Football bowl games thus far this season, but that's not all.

The National Hockey League's All-Star game has a commercial that's currently running "Meant to Live" in the background. Check it out:

Online streamers of ESPN 3 were also treated to a college hoops commercial that featured "This Is Home":

And of course, the BCS Championship game itself saw the debut of Switchfoot's brand new music video for "We Are One Tonight." Contrary to what Hurley told us, we did NOT see a full music video. Here's what was aired during the halftime show before kicking the second half of the game:

The exposure has revived sales for "We Are One Tonight" on iTunes, netting the song a No. 75 spot on the iTunes Pop charts.


Next item on our menu today is a report from one of our readers about a possible live recording done back in March 2010.

In response to our FootColumn that was posted the other day, where we discussed a live "Hello Hurricane" album, our friend Sarah had this to say:

Hey! I went to a Hello Hurricane show in March, and while we were waiting around, all of the security guards were telling us that we were not allowed to take pictures or record anything, because the guys were recording that show for an album. I questioned the validity of that statement as soon as it was said, but as you all know almost every show has several videos posted on Youtube, and ours has 2 that are each about 30 seconds long. So, obviously, people took their request seriously. But like I said, I don't have a clue if this is in the works or not. Fingers crossed!

^This was the Royal Oak show on March 25, 2010. As far as we know, it's not at every show that fans are told to put away their cameras. We are in the process of asking for any official confirmation, though it's not likely we'll hear anything if nothing has been announced by the band. Just thought it'd be worth noting.


"Bullet Soul" has cracked onto Billboard's Alternative Songs chart, coming in at No. 40. Start requesting it at your local rock radio stations and follow the Footsoldiers on Twitter for more instructions!


And lastly, I thought it'd be good to do a quick little background bio on Neal Avron, who was announced yesterday as a producer on the "Vice Verses" project.

- He recently made headlines by producing and/or mixing three straight Billboard 200 No. 1 albums last year.

* Disturbed, "Asylum," Warner Bros. (Mixed by Neal Avron - Chart Debut 9/7)
* Sara Bareilles, "Kaleidoscope Heart," Epic Records (Produced and Mixed by Neal - Chart Debut 9/14)
* Linkin Park, "A Thousand Suns," Warner Bros. (Mixed by Neal - Chart Debut 9/21)

(SOURCE: PRnewswire)

- One of the songs he helped produce, Bareilles' "King of Anything," was recently nominated for a Grammy award for Best Female Pop Vocal. (SOURCE: prweb)

- Anberlin's Avron-produced "Feel Good Drag" was a No. 1 hit on Billboard Alternative Songs.

- Here is an article in which Avron goes extremely in-depth on his production process. Though we might not understand all of the jargon, it's quite clear that Avron is very hands-on in the process, and his style could compliment Switchfoot's very well.

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