Wednesday, January 12, 2011

"We Are One Tonight" BCS music video footage coming; No Live album; "Red Eyes" for Haiti

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You all have seen the clip of "We Are One Tonight" that was featured in the BCS National Championship Game. Well, some good news is on the way. We have received word that the full clip should be available some time next week! Be on the look out for that.

Also, it's good to note that "We Are One Tonight" continued to do well on the iTunes front, peaking at No. 71 on iTunes Pop and even reaching the Top Songs Overall chart, coming in at No. 200.



On another note, we've also gotten confirmation that there are currently no plans on releasing a live album of any sort. Switchfoot has dived fully into the recording sessions for "Vice Verses" and are pursuing that summer release they've talked about.


Also, a year after the Haiti disaster, Jon Foreman is still doing his part to raise awareness and help for the earthquake-stricken country. He has donated "Red Eyes" to the re-launched "Download To Donate for Haiti" initiative.

Basically, a growing database of free music from fairly big-name artists will be made available to those who donate to the organization. For more details, head over to their website or check out the new splash on

Below is a video of Jon explaining why Haiti still needs to be on our minds.

^This Haiti thing holds a particularly special place in my heart. I am planning to head over there in the spring with some fellow journalism students to document the country and what it looks like a year after the disaster – to tell the unheard stories of people we may never hear from otherwise. If you can, please do your part. Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Is this version of Red Eyes different than the album version?


Job said...

I'm sure it's the regular version.

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