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2010 Year-in-review; What to look forward to in 2011

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It's the end of yet another year for Switchfoot, and boy has it been a great one! The Hello Hurricane tour was a phenomenal success, with the band playing to audiences around the world and hand-delivering "Hello Hurricane" to their fans, just like they wanted to.

The year saw the band make a comeback at Modern Rock/Alternative radio in a big way, with "The Sound (John M. Perkins' Blues)" re-establishing Switchfoot as one of rock's elite artists by becoming their first top 10 since "Dare You to Move."

And towards the end of the year, we began to hear rumblings of new Fiction Family and Switchfoot projects. Meanwhile "Hello Hurricane" was nominated for a Grammy Award; it doesn't get any bigger than that!

As we end another illustrious chapter in Switchfoot's history, the future ahead is bright and we can know that the band will put out quality music for years to come!


What to Look Forward to in 2011

1. "Vice Verses"

- As of now, the next Switchfoot project is scheduled for a Summer 2011 release, according to the band. We all know how flaky Switchfoot can be with these, so we aren't holding our breaths until more concrete details come out. But it's almost certain we'll get "Vice Verses" some time next year, so that's why it still remains on this list.

2. The new Fiction Family project

- Jon Foreman and Sean Watkins recently did an 11-hour mixing session for the next Fiction Family record. It is projected for a Spring 2011 release.

3. "Goodbye Hurricane"/live album...?

- The band has said they're considering a release before "Vice Verses" that would put a bow on the "Hello Hurricane" album cycle. Logically, a live CD or DVD would seem to make the most sense. The band is always recording from their soundboard at shows, and we got a report last November that the guys were thinking of releasing a live cd of the Atlanta show. Read that one here.

To go back to the update that cites Switchfoot talking about "Goodbye Hurricane," head over here.


Year In Review


8th-23rd: The third leg of the “Hello Hurricane” tour visits Northwest US and Canada

29th: Switchfoot plays at the Parachute Festival in New Zealand


3rd-4th: Switchfoot plays a couple of acoustic shows in Japan at the Nishiazabu 73 and Tower Records Shinjuku

16th: “Mess of Me” debuts at No. 2 on Fuse TV No. 1 Countdown, Viewer’s Choice

23rd: MTV2 adds “Mess of Me” to its rotation


20th: Switchfoot visits Australia and Japan for the “Hello Hurricane” tour

26th: “The Sound” impacts to Modern Rock radio!


4th: Switchfoot shoots music video for “The Sound.”


14th: Switchfoot debuts the music video for “The Sound.”


14th: Switchfoot performs at the ESPY awards pre-show.


15th: Jon Foreman is removed from an aftershow in Tampa by the police. (VIDEO)

24th: "The Sound" hits Top 10 of Alternative.

31st: Switchfoot releases iTunes Session.


29th: Switchfoot plays John M. Perkins benefit show.


29th: “Hello Hurricane” tour concludes in Avila Beach, CA


12th: Switchfoot performs “Your Love Is a Song” on the Tonight Show with Jay Leno

16th: "Bullet Soul" impacts modern rock radio.


- "Eastern Hymns for Western Shores" EP is released.

2nd: "Hello Hurricane" is nominated for Best Rock or Rap Gospel Album at the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards.

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