Monday, January 10, 2011

Switchfoot taps Neal Avron, Mike Elizondo, and Adam Hawkins to produce/work on "Vice Verses"

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Also, be sure to tune in TONIGHT, January 10, to ESPN's broadcast of the BCS National Championship game to watch the world premiere of Switchfoot new music video for "We Are One Tonight." The game airs starting 8:30 PM EST.


Switchfoot has sent out a new email with the usual merch news and info about tonight's music video debut during BCS Championship game. BUT, some big news comes in at the end of the message. Check it out:

VICE VERSES - update!

We wanted to give everyone an update on our new record Vice Verses. Some of you have heard samples of the songs during our fall tour and at our holiday shows. We are starting to record with producers Neil Avron, Mike Elizondo and engineer Adam Hawkins. Look out for a new Switchfoot album in the summer of 2011! Also, check our websites for studio updates, tour updates etc.

(thanks Joe for the heads up)

Neal Avron has worked with the likes of HUGE mainstream pop acts like New Found Glory, Fall Out Boy, Sara Bareilles, Linkin Park, and more recently, Anberlin. He normally provides a slick sheen over top of mixes to give them a more appealing value, something which could go a long way in bringing Switchfoot's sound closer to the more mainstream. I'm 50/50 on this one.

Elizondo is the guy credited with being the "closer" for "Hello Hurricane," helping the band sort through the songs that eventually resulted in the track listing of the last record. He's a strong producer with a solid rock sensibility, though I feel like the songs off of "Hello Hurricane" lacked some teeth.

And, Hawkins returns as the sound engineer and mixer from the "Hurricane" sessions. His work speaks for itself as well.

What do you think? You dig these choices?


In other news, Jerome Fontamillas has tweeted that Switchfoot has officially begun recording the new album.


Dan said...

Well, if this opens up their repertoire, I am all for it. What do you think these choices mean for the direction of the album? I know you went over your opinions somewhat in the post, but I was interested in some more thoughts. (Do you think that Avron guy will help them create better guitar solos, ala Anberlin? That was the biggest thing I though HH was lacking).

Oh, one other thing. How do you embed Youtube videos on the sidebar of your blog?

Job said...

Hey Dan. I'm thinking along the lines of Anberlin's "Feel Good Drag." It had a good mix between mainstream appeal and that raw rock sound. A song like "Dark Horses" could really benefit from Avron's production.

As far as blogging goes, there should be a way to do it through the "design" tab.