Monday, January 10, 2011

Live Blog: 2011 BCS Championship Game

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So far, Switchfoot has been all over the ESPN broadcast of the 2011 BCS National Championship game.

A brief clip of the "We Are One Tonight" music video was aired pre-game, while "The Sound" played in the background of highlight and analysis reels. We'll keep you updated.

5:46 PM PST: "Free" plays during another montage.

6:25 PM PST: "We Are One Tonight" plays as a quick outro to commercial break.

6:44 PM PST: "We Are One Tonight" has already seen a sales spike on iTunes. It is currently the highest selling Switchfoot song, and is No. 141 on iTunes Pop.

6:53 PM PST: Now No. 141. Also, "The Sound" shows up again on the broadcast during a montage.

7:15 PM PST: "We Are One Tonight" is now No. 138 on iTunes pop. The game has entered halftime. You might want to tune in very soon.

7:36 PM PST: A short clip of the "We Are One Tonight" music video aired again. However, halftime is over and it appears we will not be seeing the full music video. Disappointing.

Clip here:

8:35 PM PST: As expected, the sales spike continues. "We Are One Tonight" is No. 76 on iTunes Pop.

8:56 PM PST: No. 75.


iharp92 said...

That's so crazy that Switchfoot is all over this game! Can't wait for the actual video though, should be awesome! As for the new producers, I hope they give the album some more 'ummph', but still keep the Switchfoot sound. I still dont think that all of the acoustic songs that Jon played in his aftershows will make Vice Verses, but i guess we'll see this summer.

Job said...

I agree. I think Avron is very good at adding punch while keeping everything relatively slick.

As for the acoustic songs, I suppose we shall see. "Vice Verses," "Dark Horses," and "Against the Voices" appear to be the most likely song candidates so far.

iharp92 said...

Switchfoot should just play during halftime on the field! Haha, Dark Horses could also be a sports related song, I wouldn't be surprised if that song is on next year in the world of sports

Job said...

I'm sure it'll get some play!