"Vice Verses"/New Album Info Page

Here, you will find the latest updates on the upcoming Switchfoot project, tentatively titled "Vice Verses."

Info we know so far:

Album Title: Vice Verses
Release Date: Tentatively Summer, 2011
Recording/Production Period: August, 2007 - present
Producer(s): Neal Avron, Mike Elizondo
Engineer(s): Adam Hawkins
Label: lowercase people/Atlantic

Timeline and Random Quotes

April 12, 2009: Jon Foreman debuts a new song called "Vice Verses." 1

April 24, 2009: During their annoucement tweet, Switchfoot announces that the record after "Hello Hurricane" will be called "Vice Verses."

- Sept. 2009: "Hello Hurricane." TBD 2010: "Vice Verses" Much love, amigos. -jon, tim, chad, jerome, drew

December 9, 2009: Tim Foreman is quoted as saying he thinks "Vice Verses" will be even better than "Hurricane." 2

January 27, 2010: Jon Foreman says "Vice Verses" will be a "departure" from "Hello Hurricane" in an interview with National Post. 3

February 1, 2010: Jon Foreman talks about a possible "Goodbye Hurricane" or other some other release in advance of "Vice Verses." 4

June 11, 2010: The band reveals they are pushing for a double album, and the first single is likely a song called "Dark Horses." 5

August 11, 2010: Jon Foreman says in an interview that “We’ve got like, 20 songs… well, 40 songs, 20 that we’ve cut it down to (with a) bunch of songs left over from the last session... It’s a matter of trying to figure out whether it should be a double record or what it looks like.” 6
August 19, 2010: The band will try to pull one or two tracks from the previous "Hello Hurricane" sessions to put on "Vice Verses." 7

September 27, 2010: Jon Foreman says the band is slated to start recording in the Winter, with a single possibly ready by Summer 2011. 9

January 10, 2011: the band reveal that they are working with Neal Avron, Mike Elizondo, and Adam Hawkins on "Vice Verses." Jerome Fontamillas also tweets that recording has begun. 10

January 27, 2011: Jon Foreman tweets that the band is "6 songs in on the vice verses." 11

January 31, 2011: The band tweets that Tim Foreman tracked bass parts on a song called "Selling the News." 12

- February 3, 2011: Switchfoot tweets about a new song they are working on called "Restless." 13

- February 10, 2011: Vice Verses Studio Update #1 video is released.

- February 17, 2011: Bruce Flohr of Red Light Management sheds some light on the "Vice Verses" sessions. "This will sound like "Switchfoot on steroids." 14

- February 18, 2011: Preliminary "Vice Verses" track listing posted.

The War Inside
The Blinding Light
Fading West
Selling the News
The Original
Rise Above It
Against the Voices
Vice Verses


- February 23, 2011: Jon Foreman tweets that "Dark Horses" is being re-worked. 16

- March 5, 2011: "We are very far along, conceptually. Next week will be pretty much the last week of recording. There might be a few things to tidy up before that but we should be mixing shortly after that." - Neal Avron17

- March 14, 2011: "Currently, we are recording our eleventh track." - Jerome Fontamillas. 18

- "Blinding Light" is the first song off of "Vice Verses" to be mixed. 19

- March 16, 2011: Mixing begins. 20

- March 22, 2011: "when you hear "The Original" or "Rise Above It," those are the songs that came out of the Grammys..." - Jon Foreman 21

- Six songs mixed: The War Inside, The Original, Selling the News, The Blinding Light, Afterlife, and Restless. 22


Live videos of songs that could possibly make the cut. Enjoy!

Vice Verses

Fake Your Own Death

Dark Horses

Against the Voices

She Says (The Black Eyed Blues)

All of God's Children

Come Home