Monday, September 3, 2007

"Awakening" revives a bit on FUSE TV

As we all know, "Awakening" has been in the No. 1 spot on FUSE TV's No. 1 Countdown Guilty pleasures for a little over four months now. An interesting tidbit however was that a few weeks ago, it had stopped getting general spins on the tv channel. (Like, it wasn't getting played anymore outside of the No. 1 Countdown show).

But as of today, it had revived on FUSE TV's charts, reemerging at No. 36 on the most played for this week. I think it's a result of "Awakening" remaining at No. 1 for all this time.

As Vh1 has been reluctant (for some strange, disgusting reason) to add "Awakening," lets focus more on voting for "Awakening" on FUSE TV. Here are the links, and they can also be found on the sidebar.
FUSE Poll Link 1
FUSE Poll Link 2

Keep voting on Vh1, but make sure you're focusing on FUSE as well.

Switchfoot is up for several nominations for CCM magazine's year-end awards. Go here to vote for them. If they don't show up on one of the categories, you can write them in. Lets establish Switchfoot as one of the greatest artists in the Christian scene.

I wish we could do the same for them in the mainstream...

ah well, have a happy labor day!


Chris said...

hey yeah good news about Fuse and thanx for the ccm shout out! with music as good as they have and fans as good as us they will soon b mega pop again :)

Job said...

i hope so Chris. I hope so...