Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Tada! New layout! How do you like it?

Also, to celebrate our new direction, I'll be rolling out some youtube vids of past Switchfoot music videos, in a segment I'd like to call, "Past Glories." Once completed, the series can be accessed with the Music Videos button on our brand new sidebar. ^^

So look our for that.


-The "Awakening" video on Youtube has lost its honor. Start linking to it again to get it back up! Might I suggest using Autoreloader on Firefox and Auto-refresher fo Internet explorer.

The best place to auto-refresh is prolly This is an easy, non-time-consuming way of getting more views on Youtube. Just set it, and leave it!

-Keep voting on Vh1 and FUSE. It's still No. 1 on FUSE. As for Vh1, just pray they get their heads on straight. haha

Well, that's it for now. Peace out footsoldiers!


chris said...

hey i luv the new site man!

and yeah is there a way to see if/what stations have added Head Over Hells this week? cuz it wasn't on the most aded lists.

Job said...

hey Chris, yeah... some stations are starting to play it. Its reached as high as number 18 on one of the radio stations...

Chris said...

OMG i saw i just put hells instead of heels!!! wow sorry....

yeah and is there a link to that or do i have to buy that or what? cuz i am a chart nut and yeah :D

Job said...

You can see the songs getting spins as it happens! cool huh!?