Monday, September 24, 2007

Oh! Gravity. week...?

Maybe we can do something like that... but yeah.

Now that we have a new emphasis on Oh! Gravity., lets help to start re-promoting it with the following steps:

1. EMAIL FUSE TV and ask them to re-add Oh! Gravity. to the voting list. ( Remember how we did this with Awakening back in April, as part of Switchfeed’s Week Awakening campaign? Well, we can do it again. In the email, write something like this:

+Tell them that there’s this awesome song that is on the Ryan Scheckler show called Oh! Gravity. by Switchfoot, and that you’ve seen FUSE play the video for it before. OR tell them that you haven’t seen Oh! Gravity. played much, and would like to see it more.
+ Ask them to add it to the No. 1 countdown and/or Guilty Pleasures so you can help vote for it.

Again, no fangirliness or fanboyishness.

2. EMAIL TRL. I found this link on the TRL page on The intention is to send in viral videos (aka Youtube, google videos, etc.) and it could make it onto the show. Send an email about adding Oh! Gravity. and/or Awakening to the trl voting list, and maybe include a link to the youtube videos.

+tell them how much you enjoy the “Life of Ryan Scheckler” show, and how you especially love the theme song. Request them to start playing it and add it to the video rotation. That’d be sweet!

3. WILDCARD it on VH1’s Top 20 Countdown. ~long sigh~ I know it was discouraging when we got little success with “Awakening,” but we can keep trying. Try to rotate wildcarding “Awakening” and “Oh! Gravity.” Also, I found an email to Vh1. Email them much like you emailed FUSE and MTV.

4. YOUTUBE—rate it, comment it, link it. You know the drill. As you can see, it's the featured "auto-refresh" video on our sidebar. Just like with Awakening, post it on your myspace, on bulletins, on blogs/xangas, etc. etc. I made an “Oh! Gravity.” auto-refreshing site, much like Go here and set it to autorefresh.

5. YAHOO, AOL, etc.—watch the videos on all of these sights, to build up the buzz for Oh! Gravity.

Awakening Attack- Today's the start of our final stand for "Awakening."


Chris said...

I sent an e-mail off to MTV and VH1! Do you happen to have the Fuse e-mail address?

And check this out:

Good things happening to Switchfoot the first week of Oct:
Tour Starts
Single Hits CHR Charts
Brio Magazine Cover
X 2008 features “Oh! Gravity”
Family Stores has sale on album

That should help albums sales! :)

Job said...

@Chris. Fixed. The email address for fuse is up now. haha.