Thursday, September 20, 2007

Awakening's Last Stand!

Awakening’s Last Stand

With the separation from Sony, all semblance of label-support for Switchfoot is now gone. At the same time, the support we were hoping Sony would provide for “Awakening” is no longer a possibility obviously.

As we all felt, “Awakening” was a hit in the making, but it was buried amidst poor-quality music and shady record label business. As a result, deserving, hard-working bands like Switchfoot have fallen from prominence. Now is the time for the Footsoldiers to make a last stand, for “Awakening.”

It’s time to attack the radio airwaves. Remember the list of radio stations we got on the Footsoldiers website? I think it is time to email/call/request every single station on that list to ask them to start playing Awakening. This is relatively painless, but effective if executed the right way.

So here’s the plan: We will split up the list into state-segments. So, for example, one person signs up to email the Alabama stations, another, the California, another New York, etc.

You can volunteer for anything you want, but we need to cover every single station on the list. A quick google search, and a quick search through the website of the station will yield the email address, feedback page, or request page.

Here’s what you write, or something like it:


I've heard you guys play Switchfoot in the past. Just letting you know, they have a new single, "Awakening" which is from their Oh! Gravity. cd. Could you add it to your rotation please? Thanks!

If you want to give it a listen, go to The video for this song was No. 1 on FUSE TV's No. 1 Countdown for four straight months! Check it out! It'll be worth it... haha


(make sure they have played Switchfoot before…. If not, just leave out that part.)

There’s the link. Sign-up! (I’m covering California)

Onward Footsoldiers! This attack starts on Monday, next week. You can start now, by taking up a block of stations on the list, maybe start advance-emailing, and spreading the word to any Switchfoot-related message boards, etc. If this song does not reach the top, at least we went down fighting!


Chris said...

I want Al, AR, and AZ!!! This is really a great idea! Do you think we should give the stations the label info? They prob need that to pay the label and all that.

Job said...

There's no label to pay anymore, remember? And also, they don't need to pay for playing a song. there's no royalty attached to it.

So Chris has Al, AR, and AZ. I've got CA...

Anonymous said...

I guess I'll take TX, and try to email all of the stations. Good luck everyone

nat said...

Well, I can't really call stations in America but if there are request pages I can flood them and I can possibly email some stations too.

Is there a list anywhere of request pages? 'Cause I don't even know the names of any stations so I have little chance of finding them myself.

nick said...

ill take all of FL, good luck everyone.

Job said...

@everyone! THanks all! Good luck emailing!

@nat, we dont have a list of request pages, but if you just copy and paste the call letters of the station in google or any other search engines, it should pull up the station website. Let me know if it works! ^^

Susy said...

Hey Everyone! So I guess I can take CO, CT, AND DE. I'll try my best to e-mail and even call some of those stations.

SWITCHkosterice said...

HEY! great idea folks!

i'll take Illinois if that's all right w/ y'all!

Job said...

@all. Thanks! Keep em coming!

michelleam said...

I've got the 2 Charlotte, NC radio stations covered :)