Friday, September 28, 2007

Oh! Gravity. on MTV overdrive

One of our readers, Justin, suggested we auto-refresh the video here on MTV, so we can get the video into the top 10 most-viewed on So lets do that for "Week of Gravity." Also, listen to the quiet part, around the time when Chad tries to grab his floating drum stick. Notice a difference?

Aside from that, I am so ready! Who's pumped?!


Joy* said...

aaaah I cant watch the video because I'm not in the USA, that not fair!

Anonymous said...

boy, that stinks.

for the auto-refresher users, try setting it at 1:20 or so. You've gotta give it time to load, and sometimes it shows an ad before it plays. yup. once you do that, just leave your computer like that and you'll get a crapload of hits for the video. coolness, eh?

Dylan said...

Dude...Why'd they do that to the drum part. It The orginal is WAAAY better...stupid

Job said...

its another one of those weird things... interesting... but weird... haha

@Justin, great idea. I'm doing that!