Thursday, September 27, 2007

"Week of Gravity," Downloads, and Virtual TV!

Hey friends!

Long time no talk! The campaign for “Awakening” is going well. All we can do now is hope and pray that the stations read our emails and start playing the song.

But, I’m here to announce that next week will be the “Week of Gravity.” We will accomplish this task by doing the things outlined in the last post on the blog. Emailing TRL, FUSE, and Vh1 are keys, as are viewing the video on Youtube.

Viewing on yahoo, etc. will be great too! Lets get this ball rolling. Any way you can, promote Oh! Gravity., whether its wearing Oh! Gravity. shirts, making Oh! Gravity. your myspace song, etc.

Onward Footsoldiers! If we can get this song popular on MTV and what not, it’ll be a great build-up for the guys’ new record, and could lend steam to Awakening in the meantime! I'm excited! The people on the Switchfoot boards and LOBH will very likely be in on it too!


Our friend John, from Switchfootnation has posted several live performance videos from the Ventura show earlier in the year. If you recall, the daily foot said people with cameras were at that show. Thus these videos are the result. Thanks John, for ripping them and converting them from off the AT&T site.
Go here to download the videos!


Podcast episode 25 posted! This is the first in a trilogy of three podcasts chronicling Switchfoot’s adventures in the Southern Hemisphere. Stay tuned! Here’s the current podcast:

Mr. Drew Shirley = amazingly awesome rapper/physicist/opera singer. hahah


Site News

Over on Switchfoot TV, two more Meant to Live music videos have been posted. Hop on over, if you’d like to see them.

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