Monday, September 10, 2007

A new direction

After nearly three months, We’re Awakening is undergoing a goal change, if you will. Initially, we set out on a little journey to help promote “Awakening” to the masses. So far, we have made significant ground, but this task is still far from completion. Let’s take a look at what we’ve accomplished so far:

-Youtube: 1 million + views, peaking at #68 most linked of all time in entertainment. Not bad for a grassroots effort!

-FUSE TV: Yes, we have kept the video at No. 1 on FUSE TV’s No. 1 Countdown show as a guilty pleasure for just about four straight months now. Keep voting fellow footsoldiers! We are doing great! We retained the No. 1 spot for a considerable amount of time, but it has now been “retired” from their Top 10 charts. It was a great run though!

-TVU Live: We reached the No. 1 spot!

-Christian Hit Radio: It has peaked so far at #3

-Christian Rock Radio: #6 so far.

-Billboard Hot Christian Songs: #16

That is great! Our next step is to move “Awakening” into the mainstream. VH1 and MTV have been our targets, and they will continue to be.

Also, as you all know, "Head Over Heels (In This Life)" is the new christian radio single, released under Sparrow Records (Switchfoot Christian distributing label). Calling in to your local radio station about adding that song will definitely be a good thing too. Don't forget to request "Awakening" as well.

However, I am here to announce today that “We’re Awakening” is transitioning from an “Awakening”-based site to a more general Switchfoot site. This means, we’ll be focusing more on spreading the name of Switchfoot, and not just focusing on the one single, “Awakening.” I believe it is important, especially following the band’s independence, to sort of spread the Switchfoot name as much as possible, in any way possible.

What will we have to do to accomplish this? Well, there are several things:

1. Word of mouth. We experienced a taste of this approach with the Youtube release of the Awakening video. I think it was done pretty well. We have to keep to that approach, whether its using myspace bulletins, blogs, video links and embeds, Switchfoot shirts and apparel, whatever it takes. (teenybopperish approaches are strongly discouraged… haha)
2. Emails to stations. Emailing your local radio station to play Switchfoot isn’t a bad thing. Emailing TV stations isn’t either. In fact, I believe our emailing back in April was a huge reason FUSE TV added Awakening to their database and to the Voting list. You know the story from there.
3. VOTE VOTE VOTE!... which is what we’ve been doing a lot lately, haven’t we? But it goes beyond Vh1 and FUSE… it goes to all the different polls out there. Anything that has Switchfoot as a nomination, we’re there!
4. Fan Sites like this one are huge, in my opinion. Tell all your friends about Switchfeed, Land of Broken Hearts, and this site, as well as any others that spreads the Switchfoot love.
5. Love. For the band. That’s the easy part. Haha.


So what do you think of the change? Yay or Nay? Please let us know. It’d be greatly appreciated. Stay tuned for even more fun stuff in the future. With the Jon Foreman ep's, the Real SeanJon record, and Switchfoot's new record in '08 to look forward to, the future is bright for Switchfoot nation!


Chris said...

Hey that is a great idea! I was hoping you'd move that way!

Susy said...

I think it's a good change. I support you 100%!

Elegant Faith said...

Anything you guys have got on the play list sounds good to me. I'll work on the voting part, and advertising. I actually convinced two of my friends to come with me to the Switchfoot concert in NY in November. Now they're asking for Oh!Gravity, and checking the band out. :)

Mwhahaha, foot solider on the lose.

nat said...

Yay. I figured this was going to happen at some point...that or the blog was going to die lol.

I like the new layout too...I hope it hasn't been there too long...I'm pretty sure I visited recently.

There is oh(!) so much to be excited about with Switchfoot over this next little while, so much new music :D