Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Asian Pacific Tour Bits and News

Happy Wednesday, yallz,

So lets get this news thing started:

Mr. Andy Barron from podcast and daily foot fame has posted a new daily foot entry about the guy's time in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Daily Foot

Something about a great show, and lots of food... go check it out now!


Mr. Jon Foreman also posted a new myspace blog:

Monday, January 28, 2008

raglands to riches

Greetings from the other side of this fine planet!
this place is incredible... jules and matt and the rest of the christian surfers crew have been incredible to us. borrowed boards, jetskis, boats, secret spots, westuit rashes... all just a little slice of heaven. New Zealand, you are beautiful and so are your people!

Parachute was an moving family affair. From the moment we arrived till the second we left everyone was so kind and mello. The show on saturday was well overdue. We've wanted to come over here and play this festival for years so it was a dream come true. and the crowd did not disappoint.

They asked if I was "keen" to play a few songs off of my solo thang, (in addition to the SF show)- and I was amped to play em. I'm not sure if it was the lack of sleep, the jet lag or the 500 interviews we did that day but playing these songs was an emotional time for me. so thanks to all the folks who steamed up the room to listen to the tunes.

such a crazy thing to play these songs alone... just really personal, nothing to hide behind. well, we're off to go find a few waves.

see you in singapore,


The man rocks... for sure...


LOBH posted a link to some fabulous photos from the Parachute Festival in New Zealand. Look around, and you'll find the Switchfoot pics. It takes awhile, so I might just post them all up on the next post.

I'm liking this one:


So the Malaysia show is a day from now... wait... for... it.... I'm telling you my Malay friends, it's gonna be well worth it!


Site News

We now have the Switchfoot myspace player playing on the site. This is to get more plays for the guys' profile and get them up the myspace charts. All you gotta do is listen to Switchfoot on their myspace, and that's it--the more we listen, the more plays, and the higher up the charts they go! Let's do it.

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