Thursday, January 24, 2008

Jon Foreman "Fall & Winter" Debuts at #24 on Heatseekers!

Chris reports that the Fall & Winter physical copies did not chart on the Billboard 200 Album sales.

However, it did achieve some success another Billboard Chart: Heatseekers.

Not too bad, considering there was little radio support, and only light marketing for these EP's. Keep spreading the word on the music!


Chris said...

Well the #s were the lowest ever overall this week, so the Listen Up USA Today blog had the sales for both the highest on the B200 and the lowest on that chart.

Jessica said...

did jon's fall and winter ep ever go on any radio station?

Job said...

no singles airplay. Its just been mentioned on radio stations, but the songs have never been played. maybe once or twice on some random station, but thats it.