Wednesday, January 16, 2008

"Sweaty" Switchfoot Singapore news; More Jon Foreman news!

So let's start with some full-band Switchfoot news. A sweet tv promo of the singapore show featuring Switchfoot has been posted on Youtube.

A singapore blog also conducted an interview with Switchfoot. Here's the

A part that caught my eye was:

Q: Will lp records release music by other artists besides Switchfoot?
What kind of music does lp records intend to release?
Would lp release a Singaporean band (like the Fire Fight or West Grand Boulevard, who are opening for you)? What would it take for that to happen?

A: right now we're just releasing our own tunes, (and the kuyasa kids).
but maybe someday we will be able to provide more for other bands.
when we know that we can do this with excellence we will try and figure it out.
we have no intentions of becoming "big business"...

(thanks LOBH for the heads-up!)

Jon Foreman's solo effort is creating quite a stir. First off, SD City beat posted a pretty hilarious hypothesis on Jon's future solo plans... Check it out here.

Jon also stopped by The 9 online tv/news channel thing, and did a short interview and played Southbound Train with Keith Tutt.

Jon Foreman on the 9

Jon plays Southbound Train on the Back9

Peace out!

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