Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Chad Butler Interview on Life FM in New Zealand, College Tours, and the American Dream

Mr. Chad Butler, drumsman extraordinaire, hopped into a New Zealand radio station and did an interview Tuesday. Thanks to Lisa for recording it, and Land Of Broken Hearts for the heads-up!

Listen to it Here.


Looks like the next big Switchfoot tour in the states will be focused on the college circuit, their agency, William Morris, reported.

Switchfoot will head out on a college tour from the end of March through the beginning of May. Production will be provided and they will also take along a few opening acts (names tba). The group is currently out on their successful "Appetite for Construction" tour with Relient K (featuring new artist Ruth). The tour has benefited Habitat for Humanity with $1 from each ticket sold going to the organization. After their spring tour in 2008, Switchfoot will play festivals and fairs throughout the summer.

This will probably be soon after or during their time in the studio with the new record. I'm thinking a fall headlining tour will be in order to support the new record. Exciting times everyone!


One dude on a college online publication quoted "American Dream" when asked about a pressing issue:

“It is not your fault, dear. You are a nice young man. But since you are from the United States, I have to ask you a question: What is the American dream? What brings people to bomb the living in support of the living?”

I didn’t know how to respond; I didn’t know how to express the utter absurdity of the materialist “American Dream,” so I quoted a lyric from a band called Switchfoot: “I want out of this machine / It doesn’t feel like freedom / Maybe we’ve been caught singing / Red White Blue and Green / But that ain’t my America / That ain’t my American dream.”

She smiled when I said this, and we went on to talk of the 80,000 civilians dead in Iraq, and the ideal community of all men, whether they come from America, Britain, or Iraq.

To read the rest in context,
go here. It's quite an interesting read.


Chris said...

Wow it did bad on the B200...very bad. But I'm gonna guess that Is b/c of the split internet sales which did nt allow those to count twards sales. But yeah here it is:

Top Heetseekers: #24
Top Christian: #33

Did not have enough sales to reach the B200 whcih means in sold under 3000 copies its first week.

Job said...

really? only under 3000?

how'd u get these numbers? thanks for em, tho!