Saturday, January 26, 2008

Switchpics, the grassroots, and the Charlie Peacock!

Carl Zoch posted some incredible-looking pictures of Jon Foreman on his site, here

I really like this one:


As some of you all know, Switchfoot recently had a management change, and are now working with Red Light Management, who handle a who's who of bands like Underoath, PlayRadioPlay!, Cheap Trick, Graham Colton, John Butler Trio, Sanctus Real, and Say Anything.

Well, I just recently came across an article dating back to Underoath's release date for the wildly successful album, "Define The Great Line" which just went gold a while back. What I read made me excited for the future Switchfoot has with this management team:

"I joined Red Light about a year and a half ago because of the grassroots marketing that they do to develop bands," (Randy) Nichols said. "It's so similar to what I do with punk rock and hardcore bands.
"It's about building a real fan base, having people kill for these bands, but not by having radio or MTV overexposing them. We're building real fans one by one. That's what Red Light is about, and that's what I am about," Nichols continued. "I thought I'd be able to learn something from them about how to develop bands, and Underoath and I decided to go there."


The grassroots possibilites are really exciting, and Switchfoot is headed in that direction. Exciting times.


Also, CMCentral just had an interview with Charlie Peacock, the guy who signed Switchfoot way back in the day to Re:Think, helped produce "Legend of Chin," "New Way to Be Human," and "Learning to Breathe," and will co-produce the new record with the band. He talks about the Christian music scene, and about Switchfoot's early days and the future for the band as well.

Part 1 on iTunes has Charlie mentioning the early days, and how he and Switchfoot, among others, never wanted to be boxed in to the Christian market.

Part 2, Charlie talks about some of Switchfoot's future plans.

This is a very interesting listen. Go download it!

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