Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Happy Jon Foreman Winter Ep Release Day!!!

The Winter EP is now available for download on iTunes, jonforeman.com, and the physical two-cd set "Fall & Winter" is now at stores everywhere! Go buy them as soon as you can. These tunes sound great!

So, lets start off this first post in awhile with a Jon blog from last night:

Monday, January 14, 2008

yes yes y’all, winter time

hola lads and lasses!

I've been enjoying some fine surf lately, working on spring back in home sweet home, gearing up for a trip down south... indonesia, I'm counting on you. yes, you.

Ok so tonight is a big night. I'm hoping to finish the lyrics for a song called "baptize my mind" for the spring ep. and...

...the Winter EP comes out in less than two hours! If you're strapped for cash go to my site and get it for 5 bucks instead of 6... www.jonforeman.com And yes, it is weird to have a website with your own name on it! but, it's easier to remember that way...

Anyhow, I would like to thank all the folks who have really encouraged me to get these tunes out there- I'm so thankful that these bedroom recordings are now public... I think these ep's touch some of the deepest places I've ever been, so it's amazing to thing that other folks are getting as excited as I am.

thanks again,

hope you dig winter,


No, Jon. Thank YOU!

Annie Reuter, concert review extraordinaire, posted a review of Jon Foreman's first ever "headlining" solo show in New York January 8, 2008.

Read it!

See it!

Thanks to the official message boardies in attendance, we also have the setlist from that show!

Southound Train
Lord Save Me from Myself
Learning how to die
War in My Blood
Somebody's Baby
Your Cheatin' Heart (Hank Williams Cover)
Moon is a Magnet
Let Your Love Be Strong
Your Love is Strong
Dare You to Move
Sorrow (Bad Religion cover)
Cure For Pain
Only Hope

Must've been amazing!


Also, as you've probably seen already, Podcast 29 is up and running! Here it is:

Peace out, and have an amazing day friends!

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AJ said...

haha. I love how Jon caught the hat in the video.