Friday, January 18, 2008

Is Switchfoot your choice in 2008?

Switchfoot News

Another poll to vote for Switchfoot. Footsoldiers, do your thing!

MF Reader's Choice 2008


Jon Foreman News

First off, we have another video!

Learning How to Die (Live Performance on UGO)

(Thanks LCP)
In other things, O!J4switchfoot from the official message boards was in Target the other day, and this is what one of the sales reps said to her:

"Jon foreman? Yeah, you're not the first one to ask. We had like, 40 copies in this morning, and now there's only 2 left."

WOW! This is great! Thanks for sharing O!J4switchfoot


Lastly, look what's on the iTunes Top 10 Rock albums? Yes yes! Not just Winter holding strong at No. 2, but Fall has re-entered the Top 10! (Thanks Phil for the heads-up)


Chris said...

hey this is so great Job! Yeah and don't worry, chart helth considered, "Winter/Fall" will be 60-40 on the B200

Job said...

u think so? That'd be pretty crazy