Saturday, March 29, 2008

Friends of the Foot

Hey ladies and gents, look what the official Switchfoot site has for us!

thanks to Andrew, one of our faithful friends, for the heads-up!

Here's what Phil, the official online content provider/switchfeed-runner/ultimate cool guy had to say about all of this!

"Official" fan club doesn't mean you're not officially a fan if you're not part of it - it just means it's official, run by the band, not some third party - it just means it's not a fansite but an official thing, even though that goes without saying.

And I see where you guys are coming from - I agree SF has never been about a clique, but that's not what this is - we should see this in perspective and be thankful - this just gives them an avenue to give us more stuff that will be of interest to the dedicated fan but maybe not the casual fan (hence the need for the club method - it's official but not too official - it's for friends, not for the world). Things like bootlegs (which, by the way, will be on a CD with artwork). It doesn't make sense to complain when they're giving us more. We won't be getting this stuff if not for this. The alternative is to continue having access only to what they put out for the whole world - is that what we'd rather have? Hence, "friends of the foot."

And of course it's gotta cost something - there's shipping and costs involved - they'd run into loss if they sent us stuff for free. And it's not gonna cost a bomb, we should know the guys better than to think they'd rip us off.

Besides, now that they're an independent band, things like this could be crucial to their survival.

This is looking to be a sweet deal. "Friends of the Foot" launches Monday, March 31st.


Andy Barron posted Entry No. 1 of the Up In Arms tour on the Daily Foot.

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Andrew said...

Thanks for calling me a "Faithful Friend"! I'm just some kid looking to learn more about my favorite band ever, and whatever I can share to the community is a blessing for me.

Job said...

No problemo man! Thanks for reading and contributing! You're awesome!