Tuesday, March 4, 2008

"teh-haas" - Jon Foreman blog, March 4, 2008; Oh! Gravity. sales spike

First of all, Jon Foreman posted a new myspace blog! In it, he pokes fun at Texans and talks about other things. Here it is:

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

"teh-haas" is how you say it

that's right texas possesses a silent X in the language of those who named it. that's right, so don't mess with "teh haas." Ever.

I'm just messing with you. It's cause I love you! you know that right? good. Ok, Thanks to all who made my time out in "teh haas" so memorable. Also, I'm heading to SXSW soon... That's right, Austin, Teh Hass. maybe I'll see you there? Maybe not?

Also, Pamona: thanks for all the good times! Your glasshouses have been good to me. Here's a weird bit of trivia that Andy told me. Romey and drew have both played in bands that opened for us at the glass house. Crazy! Also, Andy's first time shooting us (cameras not guns) was at the glass house side stage with romey's band fold zan. nice and creepy and nice!

In other news:
So I've been supplementing my plane ride sodoku with crosswords. yeah, trying to get smart. I would be lying if I were not completely influenced by a movie called word play.

blacks was really fun this morning. I haven't surfed there in so long. good memories and sore legs.

I'm working on trying to finish sean/jon, summer, and the next SF record, I'll keep you posted if I move forward or backwards!


Sometimes, I wonder if Jon has ADHD... haha. But he's awesome like that!


In other news, "Oh! Gravity." went through a sales spike, according to AllAccesss.com's Streetpulse. Sales increased 62% over last week. This is an interesting development... considering the lack of any big news on the Switchfoot front. Not sure if this spike is significant or not.

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