Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Jon Foreman And Narnia?

Jon Foreman posted another blog on his myspace Monday night.

Monday, March 17, 2008

for the prince and the lion (and the love of parenthesis)

Hey everyone! (how are you?)
I’m a big fan of CS Lewis so a movie made by the mouse, (mickey) for the lion (aslan) seemed like a good idea. So I’m up here (near disneyland incidentally), tracking a song that may or may not be used for the next narnia movie.

It’s been such a fun project so far. It needed a real bass player and a real drummer... so I called up a few friends of mine. Truly- it’s so fun to be playing songs with tim and chad again! Don’t really know where this tune is headed... But summer is due in a few weeks (akee!) so it better get there fast!

Austin was so fun... (by the way). Thanks to all who hung out and came out and spoke out and rocked out and such.

What else? Ummm, Jamie T of TWLOHA spent the night last night. We were talking about how stoked we were to be going on tour this spring! So come out and represent -sent.

not sure If I put this up yet- set list for spring, here it is:

march (featuring molly jenson)
love isn’t made (featuring sarah masen and emily foreman)
in my arms (a beatles type vibe)
baptize my mind (featuring carl denson)
your love is strong, (which might be the best tune on these ep’s so far)
revenge (featuring pedal steel and mariachi horns)

see you soon, (bye!)

exciting. I hope to hear his song on the "Prince Caspian" credits. That would be amazing!

And having his girl Emily, and her sister Sarah, on "Love Isn't Made" will definitely give that song an even more special feel! Plus, Molly Jenson! There's a ton of guests on this one!


Absolutepunk added a news story about Jon's Spring EP being previewable on amazon.

News Thread

Go there and if you have an AP account, comment on it. We're slowly building a Jon Foreman presence on that site. A lot of people have taken a liking to Jon's eps, and their once cynical views of Switchfoot are slowly being turned towards the positive. Let's spread the word, footsoldiers!

Official Switchfoot thread on Absolute Punk


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