Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Spring is Here!

Happy Jon Foreman Spring release day! It is available on iTunes and Amazon now! Go pick it up when you have the chance. This is probably one of the best ep's so far.

Also, Jon has posted the entire ep on his myspace for your streaming pleasure. Go there now and give him some plays!

More thoughts to follow later in the day, and we'll be posting chart positions, etc.

So far, as of 8:39 am PST, Spring is No. 51 on the iTunes top overall albums.

EDIT: It is 10:34 am PST, and Spring has hit No. 2 on iTunes top Rock albums. It still is No. 51 overall.

EDIT: As of 11:53 am PST, Spring is now No. 18 on iTunes top overall albums!

EDIT: As of 4:47 pm PST, Spring is No. 13 on iTunes top overall albums. it is also featured in the "What's Hot" section.

EDIT: As of 5:36 pm PST, Spring is No. 12!

(Caps courtesy of Land of Broken Hearts)


Andrew said...

I can't believe that, in twelve hours, it reached #18, that is amazing.

Job said...

I know! It's been stuck at No. 18 for awhile now tho. I hope it gets higher...