Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Press, press, and more presse... and... awards... and more ATO "evidence" posted a press release for the Bro-Am from Switchfoot.

"Over the past three years the Bro-Am has grown from a small dream into a beautiful reality; its extremely touching to see our entire community rallying together for our youth," says Switchfoots Tim Foreman. "This year were honored to be partnering with StandUp For Kids, a nonprofit organization helping homeless and street kids in San Diego for the past 18 years. Were thankful to live in San Diego and were thankful for all the people who continue to work together to make a difference."

Here's all the details.


And San Diego City beat had this to say about Jon Foreman, and Switchfoot, previewing SXSW.

"Let’s be honest. San Diego treats the mainstream success of acts like P.O.D. and Switchfoot with a conflicted mix of regional pride and haughty dismissal. That same (often contrived) contempt for “commercial” artists is pervasive at SXSW. Foreman couldn’t distance himself from Switchfoot if he tried—he’s billed in the festival program as “Jon Foreman (of Switchfoot)”—but he can prove his singer/songwriter mettle (and promote his solid, if a tad self-indulgent, four-part EP project) with a SXSW slot opening for Nicole Atkins and The Vines."

Sadly, musical snobbery towards "mainstream" success is a very real issue with people today. But, I'd have to agree Jon's solo songs are a bit more self-indulgent, which isn't a bad thing! Remember this quote?

"Not to sound selfish, but many times, it's for my own benefit. You're writing a song to get something off your chest..." - Jon Foreman, Nothing Is Sound DVD.


And, I really think Jon Foreman can set up a name for himself, outside of the band. His Ep's really are that good! They just need time to spread through the grassroots, and soon enough, I think Jon's stuff will be distinguishable from Switchfoot's, whether he wants it to be or not.


AWARDS has released their results for their 2007 awards, and Switchfoot won MOST ANTICIPATED RELEASE OF 2008 and Oh! Gravity came in 2nd place in the ROCK ALBUM OF 2007 category! Congrats to the band and everyone who voted for them! (Thanks LOBH for the heads-up)


Yes, I am getting rather obsessed with this whole record company thing, but hey! There's really nothing much else to talk about at rather quiet times like these.

So, here's a video from back around Appetite For Construction times, where Jon sings Learning to Breathe, then holds a brief q & a session with the people. At the very end, after a question about The Real SeanJon, some dude asks a very obscure, quiet question, that I can't distinguish. Jon replies by saying that they would be working with some "friends of ours" at ATO Records. Whether Jon was referring to Switchfoot and/or The Real SeanJon is the question. Well, here's the vid:

I am pretty stoked, if BOTH The Real SeanJon and Switchfoot will be working with ATO Records. So there's the daily dose of rumor-mill juiciness.... daily record company/business-stuffs obsession satisfied...

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