Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Switchfoot Up In Arms Tour Eve

Jon Foreman sent out an email talking about the Spring EP, and how the Up In Arms tour is about to begin.

the flowers are here, the skies are blue, and the water is starting
to warm up a bit. And the spring EP is out there, ready for your
ears and mind.

Tomorrow the boys and I embark for the colder climes for our spring tour with TWLOHA. I'll take a little bit of the pacific sand with me
to help get me through the month away from home. So, if you're up in the colder spots longing for spring- the EP should help bring you out west.

The musical journey that these EPs have taken me on has been one of the most challenging, fulfilling process I've ever been a part of.
Thanks to everyone who has walked with me along the way.

enjoy spring!

Thank you Jon for the tunes!


To kick off tour, we found a great article about it:

“That we can come alongside an organization like TWLOHA and kind of co-lift up with them, it’s just so great,” [Drew] Shirley said. “It’s the whole idea of ‘Up In Arms.’ It’s like a big group hug.” Switchfoot’s latest album, “Oh, Gravity,” has been lauded as Jon Foreman’s greatest foray into candid songwriting. With the group recently leaving the Columbia label to create their own (called “lowercase people”), Shirley says they will be free to use a greater degree of artistic liberty on future albums.

Read the rest for more about this "big group hug." Nice, Drew. Nice!


Also, Switchfoot may have been the most slighted band somewhat remotely associated with CCM last year. The Jesusfreakhideout reader's choice awards have been handed out, and Switchfoot placed second in just about every major category they were eligible, including the following:

Artist of the Year
Male Vocalist of the year (Jon Foreman)
Album of the Year (Oh! Gravity.)
Song of the Year (Awakening)
Rock Album of the Year (Oh! Gravity.)
Digital Album of the Year (Fall EP)

Second in all of those categories! They didn't win at least one of those... The only thing I'm really having trouble grasping is the "Artist of the Year" award, which went to a band called Family Force Five. I have no comments.

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Well, the Winter EP peaked at No. 12 on the iTunes overall charts yesterday. Today, it has fallen a slot to No. 13. I'd say it's another success! Keep spreading the word about these ep's. They definitely deserve it.

EDIT: (2:15 pm PST) It's back at No. 12!

So, what's your favorite track from "Spring" so far???


Andrew said...

Love isn't made - The lyrics make you feel like you're actually there with him

Job said...

Totally! Its my fave too!