Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Andy Barron talks Fiction Family; Jon Foreman's "Limbs and Branches": The Day After

Our friend Jeanna from LOBH was on the webcam two days ago, and Andy Barron stopped by to chat with everyone. She posted what he said on the official Switchfoot message boards, and here's what was said:

The guys dropped in on the webcam chat a few times last night, but the best portion of the night was when Andy got on to talk and revealed some exciting new info!:
+ Fiction Family is working on a new music cover. We hear it's "legit."
+ Andy is working on a bunch of Fiction Family stuff right now, but after he's done "probably a new podcast or something will happen."
+ Andy is working on all the Fiction Family artwork for the CD.
+ Fiction Family is putting out a vinyl. YES! A VINYL!
+ The Fiction Family music video... According to Andy, "lets just say you might actually recognize some people in the video other than sean and jon." He also says we "won't have to search very hard."

STOKED MUCH!? I can't wait to hear this cd, see the artwork, and watch and promote the heck out of the music video! Ah, times are awesome!


In Jon Foreman news, "Limbs and Branches" reached as high as no. 50 on the iTunes top albums overall chart yesterday and No. 7 on the iTunes Rock chart.

Also, the new song "Broken From the Start" has hit No. 77 on the iTunes Rock Singles chart, probably fueled by the people who bought all four EP's beforehand already. It's also the top Jon song on iTunes.


Ok, so here are some reviews for "Limbs and Branches":

The flow of the album seems less like a shiny packaged project and more like a sonic scrapbook, snippets of thoughts and conversations and late-night musical experiments pasted together into a very revealing and personal montage that allow the listener to become more fully acquainted with the man behind Switchfoot’s voice.

Some others:


Snow Junkie is going to have a "Limbs and Branches" giveaway

We'll keep you posted!


In other news, it appears that Credential/EMI CMG is indeed working "Your Love Is Strong" to radio in promotion of "Limbs and Branches." It was added on two CHR Format stations last month but nothing much else happened. But according to the official EMI promotion blog posted a few days ago:

Right now, we’re working “Your Love Is Strong” to radio…haven’t heard it? It’s an amazing paraphrase of Psalm 23…seriously, a powerful song!

Interesting... I'm guessing this is a CCM-only release, but we'll see what happens.


And lastly, the official Jon Foreman website has been totally revamped! There's a montage of what I'm guessing is the inside artwork for "Limbs and Branches."

There's also a new widget that you can embed in many places. We've got ours! (see top of the blog site, if you haven't seen it yet. hehe) Check it out on the website and post it on Myspace, Facebook, etc.! Spread the word!

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The CD giveaway is up now.