Friday, October 24, 2008

News from the Fiction Family MUSIC VIDEO front?; "This Is Home" to feature on a new Disney Compilation

YES! It is indeed true. A music video has been shot for the apparent lead single from Fiction Family's upcoming album, "When She's Near." Here's what Sean Watkins posted on the duo's myspace blog!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Video news from Sean

So last wednesday, we made a Fiction Family music video. It's for the song When She's Near. I wont say too much about it cause i dont want to spoil the plot and ruin it for you but i will say it involved me taped to and pushed around in a dolly and jon being carried around like some Biblical king in transit for hours on end. It also involved some very stealthy gorilla video shooting on the part of our director....oh and a pizza party at the end of the day! Not sure when it'll be done and up for you folks to see but in the meantime i'll put up some pics that our good buddy and photog took at the shoot. wheeeee! -sean


Exciting news for sure. We'll see what happens with this. I have to imagine ATO Records will be able to secure good placing for the video.

But aside from that, I'm just excited to see it! This Fiction Family project is finally coming together! We've been waiting for awhile, and I have to say its great timing. Go Jon Foreman and Sean Watkins! The REAL SeanJon represent!


In other news, Switchfoot's "This Is Home" will be featured in a brand new Disney compilation coming out November 25, 2008 called "Disney Box Office Hits." It will include the popular songs from Disney's latest hit movies. SOURCE

This should prove interesting. From what it looks like on the audio preview, it will be the Soundtrack version. So maybe very soon, iTunes will have both versions of the song (radio and soundtrack) available for single download? We can only hope, unless Disney pulls another fast one...

This could also explain why they're possibly shipping the song to radio once more? The timing is all coming together. "The Best Yet" November 4, "Disney Box Office Hits" November 25, and the "Prince Caspian" DVD in December. We shall see.... stay tuned friends! =)

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