Thursday, October 2, 2008

Jon Foreman to Release Full EP Collection in VINYL

Jon Foreman VINYL is here!

The limited edition Jon Foreman vinyl box set is now available to order. It contains four 12" marbled high quality vinyl records (fall, winter, spring, summer) and a beautiful four page book-style cover featuring a few of Andy Barron's best shots of Jon over the years. Each box set is numbered 1-500 (we're only making 500 of these marbled guys!), and every set is signed by Jon Foreman.


Click here to order.

In addition, we will provide high quality MP3's of 26 Jon Foreman tunes, plus 2 extra unreleased songs: "Broken From the Start" and "Over the River"

A Note from Jon:

"hey record players, Vinyl has been a dream of mine ever since I stole my parents record player back in the day. Since this project sounded like it was meant for vinyl from the start I decided to splurge: marbled vinyl and all. Andy Baron did the artwork, using photos he took from some of the late night shows from around the world. If you're trying to keep one foot in the digital age all the songs from all four seasons (plus two new songs) are included as MP3s for your Ipod. So I hope you dig it! If you like to drop the needle down from time to time this is a collection that I think you'll enjoy for a long time".



At $55, this is a hefty product to come from the Foreman camp. I personally am seriously considering it, but also know that if I do shell out the cash for this, I will be officially broke.

What do you all think? Is this worth the price? And for those collectors out there, there will also be "The Best Yet" and "Limbs and Branches" too. Decisions decisions.

Thoughts about the monetary side of things aside, I do have to say this is a brilliant, awesome thing that Jon Foreman is doing for the fans. The solo ep's truly are epic works of art, and to "vinylize" them is only appropriate. For those who are able to get it, I'm sure you will be receiving pieces of art that will endure for a long, long time.


In other news, Andy Barron is working on the next, highly-awaited-and-anticipated Switchfoot Podcast! Mr. Barron is the man!

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Bulldawg said...

Im desperately trying to find a copy of the vinyl set for a friend. If anybody knows where I could find a copy please let me know.