Sunday, October 19, 2008

Switchfoot's "This Is Home" going up for Re-Adds on Triple A Format Radio!

It appears "This Is Home" isn't done in the mainstream after all. After little success after initially impacting way back in April to Hot AC, Top 40, and Triple A mainstream radio, it appears someone is giving the song another go. ("someone" being either Walt Disney Records or Columbia/SonyBMG)

According to insideREVOLUTION, "This Is Home" is going up for adds on the mainstream Triple A (Adult Album Alternative) radio format. They got their source directly from R&R, the charts site affiliated to Billboard. So this is legit, folks.

"This Is Home" is getting another push. Could this be because "The Best Yet" is coming out in three weeks? Could Sony be pushing this single to radio in order to push more units of "The Best Yet?" Could Disney be behind this, helping along so that the "Prince Caspian" DVD, set for release in December, will start getting publicity?

We'll see, and will keep you posted right here on We're Awakening! Fingers certainly are crossed...

(thanks to Emily for the heads up.) =)

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