Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Jon Foreman Terrin Durfey Show recap last night

So last night, as many of you know, Jon Foreman played the benefit show for his childhood hero Terrin Durfey, who's fighting courageously with cancer. And, as many of you know also know, he brought the webcam along.

It was a great show, with many acts coming along to play and support Terrin. Molly Jensen, Sean Watkins, Years Around the Sun, A Fine Frenzy, Ryan Ferguson, and many several others played. Jon played the final set and it was an abbreviated one. He came on at about 11:00 pm, with Keith Tutt (as usual), and Mr. Watkins as well.

He started the set playing "Southbound Train," and played a few Fiction Family tunes with Watkins, including "When She's Near," and "War In My Blood." For the latter song, Foreman invited another childhood hero of his, Rob Machado onstage to play guitar. They then finished out the set playing Jon's "hit" from the Fall EP, "The Cure For Pain."

There was much support for Terrin Durfey throughout the night, with people coming up to the webcam and wishing all the best for him. It was like a great big family gathering to hang out and love on Durfey; kudos to Jon Foreman for setting this all up and for all the bands to come, and for all the audience members to attend at such short notice.

At one point, Jon said the goal was to raise a thousand bucks from the event for Terrin Durfey, but "you guys tripled that." Amazing.

Hope this story brightens your day, friends. =)

RUMOR: (or not-so-rumor). Last night, Jono was talking about a music video they just recently shot for Fiction Family. Something about birds singing...? Hmm... interesting...! ;)


Here's a note from Jon on his myspace blog!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Benefit for Terrin Durfey

Thank you to ALL the amazing musicians who performed last night at the Belly Up, and to the community who came out to support our friend Terrin Durfey. Because of your efforts, we raised around $4,000 for Terrin and his family. Thanks so much to Mia and to everyone who was involved. This night meant a lot to me, and I know it meant a lot to Terrin. Last night reminded me of what an amazing community we truly have. We love you Terrin



PS. Please check out the Pinback show for Terrin at the casbah this wednesday for more great music.

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