Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Switchfoot Rocks Battleground Earth; Back in the studio!

Those who get the channel Planet Green and tuned in last night were able to witness a great performance by Switchfoot for the tv show Battleground Earth. Not only did they play "This Is Home" as originally reported, they played "Meant to Live" as well! Here is the youtube videos of the performances as uploaded by our very good friend, Jesse:


Now that the Music Builds tour is finally over, the guys are back in the studio. They were in yesterday afternoon, and the Webcam blog has been updated. Check it out now!

Here's a small sampling:

-Tim, Chad, Jon and a new guy are in the studio today
-he has been helping with the instruments, wires, and has been on the computer. Fams decided upon a nickname Larryboy for him, we yet have to discover his name.
-Chad has been beasting it up on the drums
-we viewed the back of Chad’s head for a while, while he played the drums
-Jon went into the vocal booth, with his guitar, and put on his microphones, and for a while he was singing.
-After Jon set his guitar aside and, it appeared, as if he was recording vocals.

Thanks Jess for your awesome work! =)

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