Thursday, October 30, 2008

"Dare you to move, dare you to... buy a Suzuki...??"

Haha. Like that parody? Ok, ok, maybe not. But I'm pretty sure Suzuki would like you think that. Check out the new commercial that is taking the nation by storm.

It features Switchfoot's hit song, "Dare You to Move" while talking about their new car model. We've been getting reports. EVERYONE is starting to see this on TV. Awesome exposure for the song, even if it is kinda old. Goes to show how timeless it is... a classic.


Here is a video of Jon Foreman playing "Southbound Train," courtesy of

Go here to check out other performances, including "Somebody's Baby," "Your Love Is Strong," and "Learning How to Die."



Here are some new reviews. First, a Jon Foreman "Limbs and Branches" review from rockpapercity.

Next, a Switchfoot "The Best Yet" review:




"Limbs and Branches" jumped up 4 spots today on the iTunes Overall Top Albums chart, moving up to No. 46.

"Broken From the Start" also jumped up to 45 on the iTunes Rock Top Songs chart.

Keep spreading the word footsoldiers! Make sure you embed the Jon Foreman widget too!

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