Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Download Fiction Family's "When Shes Near"; join the Fiction Family street team

Fiction Family sent out an email today that talks about a few exciting happenings for them , including some of the things that were revealed yesterday, like the new tour dates and the album pre-order. But some other goodies were included:

1. "When She's Near," the first single is being offered as a free download. Go here to get it!

2. New Fiction Family Street Team! Sign up so you can receive updates on tour promotions, album promotions, etc.

Here's a youtube video you can spread around about Fiction Family, as well:

3. Re-sign up for the Fiction Family email listing to continue receiving updates from the band. If you haven't signed up yet, now would be a great time!


Reactions: "When She's Near" being offered as a free download is a great move. This band is pretty much starting from scratch and when you're a brand new act, giving away free music is a great way of getting the word out. We'll set up a banner or something soon so you can post it on your Myspaces and Facebooks and Xangas. Or, just send the mp3's to your friends. There's plenty of ways to spread the love around!

Which is why signing up for the street team is going to be exciting. It'll be great times promoting this new (sorta) project by Jon Foreman and Sean Watkins. We'll keep you all posted on any other additional promotional ideas we have here at We're Awakening, along with the official instrictions. This should be fun!

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