Thursday, December 11, 2008

Lots of news, Lots of Press for Fiction Family and Switchfoot

Ok, we've got lots of links and website from across the interweb. We've gathered most of them together here for you to digest. Read it or leave it. Up to you. =)

I personally am pretty stoked with the buzz that is starting to build around Fiction Family, and that's where we're going to start with today's News Digest.

Here's the Fiction Family press/bloggage:

Plug-in Music
Conversant Life
Stereotruth <--- Hmm...?

At the same time, don't hesitate to spread the word on your own through your own blogs, xanga's, Myspaces, Facebooks, livejournals, Twitters, etc. etc. Let's tell everyone we know about Fiction Family! If you haven't already, join the official Fiction Family Street Team to get up-to-date news on promotion projects and campaigns and how to be involved to the best of your ability! There's a contest right now to win a prize too!


Now for the Switchfoot portion of today's update. There's just as much going on.

First off, here's the articles about Switchfoot's new "This Is Home" video contest:


There's also a strongly-opinionated review for Switchfoot's "The Best Yet" from the OCWeekly:

Dubious to be sure, especially since the band--who are essentially Christian rock and, in that tradition, sound perpetually about 10 years beyond the times--has really only had two songs that could legitimately be classified as hits: 2003's "Meant to Live" and 2004's "Dare You to Move." That doesn't stop delusions of grandeur, of course--the accompanying press release talks of "their ascendance into the rock pantheon." That's right, not "ascent," "ascendance." I didn't think it was a word either, turns out it is, they're just using it incorrectly.

Wow, where has this dude been? Anyways, you can read the rest (if you even want to), here

Oh, here's another random bit that our friends at LOBH found from Rolling Stone Magazine's website:

Another Christmas (Old Borego) Album by Switchfoot

What could this mean? Is it just an error, or is it a sign of certain things to come? We'll see...


And last but not least, news and views from Tour!

Here's the "official" stuff on the Daily-Foot. Man, Bobby's got this thing COVERED.

Biloxi, Mississippi (Take 2)

Black Hawk (Dude, this one's awesome!)

Pikeville, Kentucky


And here's some stunning photo's that LOBH got up once more. Awesome.

That's all for now. Thanks for reading everyone!


Chris said...

looks like a new single! not on itunes but rhapsody

Job said...

Awesome find Chris! Looks like it's gonna be a single to be released next week... hmm...